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I went for my first ride through here yesterday on my Triumph Tiger XCx. Definately agree with previous post that going East to West would be easier than the other way around due to the sandy and steep track (and probably muddy in Winter). The track had been recently graded in parts and a really steep part I had the back wheel locked and pretty much just slid down! Gate no problem to get around though, off to the right of the entrance gate on the Eastern side you can ride around the back of a tree and essentially cut the gate out.

The gate at the western end was unlocked and open and at the halfway point a jeep was parked with some equipment being used to grade the track and other tracks in the area. Perhaps getting ready for replanting pine or something? Big clearing mowed out at a high point on the track also…

First post here too…Am looking forward to keeping my eyes out for rides around North Auckland with the good folk here 🙂