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  • Location: Wellington
  • Bike: BMW Supertanker, R80 & Velorex Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
  • Rank: 1000cc Rider

My guess is that you found it very heavy to steer, & frightened yourself when you turned left & the chair got light? And the Velorex is very light.

The heavy steering is a function of trail – the monos had a lot more of that than the earlier twin shocks. You will need to find some way to reduce that eventually. You can live with it in its current set up – there is another owner in Wgtn with a heavier R80 / Sabastian rig with no steering mods & he gets along fine.

You might want to put some ballast in the chair for a while – say 20 Kgs of builders mix from Bunnings in a dry bag (cause the mix makes a mess if a lighter bag splits, eh Eddie).

Oh and find a carpark & practice round some cones. Accelerate left, throttle off or braking right.

I’ve got twin discs, & find the brake good.

You may be able to find wide bars & still keep the fairing.

Looks a very pretty combo.