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    HI All, can anyone help me to download the open source maps from this site and transfer to my Garmin Zumo 595LM. I am a numbnut when it comes to these things, and also a new owner of the Zumo. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am based in Auckland and am willing to meet anywhere, coffee on me, to show me how.
    I will be doing heeps of adventure riding and would also like to share my rides with all, that will also be neat to know how to do.
    Thanks, Ian 021355551 or [email protected]


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    Hi Ian

    Have you checked out this page?
    You will need to download and install either the Garmin Mapsource or Basecamp software, Basecamp is the newer software but Mapsource is easier to use. Links to download both of them are on the page above, along with a basic tutorial video for each I borrowed off Youtube.


    Joao de Almeida Tenreiro
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    have you seen this?

    I use the Generic Routable (new style) my self.
    Works great and very easy to load onto garmin.



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    HI Joao, no had not seen it. What I would like “in a perfect world” it NZ Topo maps on my Zumo. My love is very into mountain biking, so I follow her on off-road tracks with my beema. We have hard copy NZ Topo maps, which we make photo-copies of, and use a reference when out. I have tried the Zumo on the last ride last Sunday, Pt Waikato-Pt Waikato via Limestone Downs and a few “villages” – the problem I now have with the Zumo is, when I try input waypoints for the small villages it does not let me input a specific village – it seems to be “default” spelling, and the village I want to input “is not available”. I am trying (and getting really frustrated) to do the above, that way, every tiny little settlement and village and be inputed and I can follow my route….
    Thanks for the link, it does not have enough detail though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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