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    • Location : Wellington
    • Bike : 2014 BMW F800GS

    I’ve dragged pics and videos into this album (comments on some of ’em) :

    Wot an adventure! ( esp on TKC70’s [8K wear] )
    Great company and teamwork. Thank you everyone.



    • Location : Wellington
    • Bike : BMW Supertanker, R80 & Velorex Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200

    A wee write up over here

    More photos are over here


    • Location : Wellington
    • Bike : KLX250s

    Hey guys

    Would love to join in on the next ride – done a wee bit of trail riding etc. Would love to get the bike dirty

    Any ideas on when the next trip is?




    • Location : Wellington
    • Bike : BMW Supertanker, R80 & Velorex Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200

    Hi Mitch, subscribe to this thread (at the top of the page). You’ll get an email if anyone is posting.

    More than likely we’ll be out next fine weekend (not this one then). If anyone has some suggestions as to where you’d like to go, we could look at that (remembering that’s mid winter & some places are weather dependent).


    • Location : Wellington
    • Bike : Triumph Tiger XCx

    Geez Mitch I dont know a KLX 250 might have to add 100kg of ballast lol.Welcome to the madhouse as box a bits said above


    • Location : Wellington
    • Bike : KLX250s

    Thanks team – have subscribed.

    Yeah she’s a wee bike, good to get me back riding again only had it a few months. Need something to hold those tires down!


    Mario Gregor
    • Location : Wellington
    • Bike : BMW R2100GS 2006

    as always, keen as 😉


    • Location : Hamilton
    • Bike : Suzuki DR650 ADV

    Anyone doing a writeup for the Ocean Beach ride?


    • Location : Wellington
    • Bike : BMW Supertanker, R80 & Velorex Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200

    Ocean Beach – 1st Jul 17

    Last minute ride decision to join a ride organised by Chris Adams via facebook. Met at Caltex Rimutukas at the gentlemanly hour of 10.00am. Ride participants were Chris (DR650), Steve (KLR650), Brent (KLR650), Neil (WR250R), & me, Box’a’bits (R100GS).

    I’d been having carb flooding issues on the left carb, but thought I’d sorted it by dropping the float bowl & allowing things to flush through. But no, arrived at Rimutex, & immediately started dribbling. Although thinking about it, maybe Gus was just in lust with the Valkerie we parked next to.

    Loads of Lions supporters leaving Wellington, some in Campervans, others sweating off the hangovers on cycles. Busy on the hill, but we managed to cut a path through. A little damp on the road, but no real issues

    Coffee & a savory scone at Everest Cafe at Featherston. Nicer sitting outside.

    The ride out to Ocean Beach was scenic with moody clouds sitting down over the hills, & no wind. Dropped tyre pressures just before the seal ran out. Joined there by Richard, on his Motard KTM.

    The track at Ocean Beach was rougher than normal – they’ve obviously had some weather over there. Past the Doc Camp the puddles were much higher than normal – we just ploughed thru.

    Unfortunately the ride ended before the scree slip – because of a new slip. We could perhaps have gotten thru’ that – but the consequences for getting it wrong were high. We could also have gone along the beach under the slip – but the tide was coming up.

    Photo courtesy Steve Mahar

    Chris put up his drone – here’s a link to the footage.

    Posted by Chris Adam on Sunday, 2 July 2017

    Raw Drone footage of the slip from Chris Adams

    The float issue came back to bite me. Most of my tank of gas had disappeared. So while Steve, Chris & Neil decided to re route to the outlet of Lake Onoke, Brent & I decided to call it a day & shoot back to Featherston.

    Hit reserve just coming down the first sealed hill after Ocean Beach, but made it back okay. Good job we didn’t get further along the track.

    I understand Neil & Richard also did the Rimutaka Pylon track on the way back.

    Back home, the outlaws had arrived, so that was a good excuse for some garage time. I pulled the left carb, & found a small piece of fuel line rubber (I’d just replaced the fuel lines) lodged above the float needle. So hopefully that issue is now resolved. I have no wish to become the latest BMW suicide bomber on the morning commute….


    • Location : Auckland, North Shore
    • Bike : 2014KLR650EE

    I am wondering if you have seen the AdventureRidingNZ “Picture Project” for the September motorcycle show.
    Check out the details here:
    Picture project

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