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  1. Alan Brackenbury on Facebook

    Moki rd is an awesome loop

  2. Sharn Amon on Facebook

    Sent an email Ed, pretty sure these are actually Kiwi rd sorry

  3. Jason MacDonald on Facebook

    If thats the Moki Rd in Taranaki,… I rode it last year, awesome! Comes off the Forgotten World Highway just after Whangamomona , which in itself is one of the best motorcycling roads I’ve ridden. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Profile photo of GremlinGremlin

    Yep, used this for mountain biking, to track the trails and then upload for the NZOGPS mappers. You can’t route with OruxMaps (currently anyway) but you can locate yourself on the map, track your movements and I believe you can upload and view tracks (haven’t done that yet).

  5. Stephen Oatley on Facebook

    among my favourite roads – especially when coupled with Moki Road and out to Urenui – great photo above – road suitable for large adventure bikes even for riders of only modest skill IMO ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Andrew Thomson on Facebook

    Neat Road!

  7. Fiona Towgood on Facebook

    Camilla Sanson….soon I think…Should have done it last time !!

  8. Fiona Towgood on Facebook

    Camilla Sanson I have to do this ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Andrew Thomson on Facebook

    Make sure you do all the other tunnels too…

  10. Alexander Breig on Facebook

    Yes, Taranaki has some gems.

  11. Fiona Towgood on Facebook

    Oh I will Andrew!!

  12. Peter Lambert on Facebook

    Mike Thompson

  13. Gerry Tonkin on Facebook

    Check the weather forecast and the river flows on the Buller District website before you go . The Mackley River is not to be underestimated !!

  14. Marcus Porter on Facebook

    Daniel Banks

  15. John Findlay on Facebook

    What a vista friggin lucky

  16. Carey Prior on Facebook

    There is a more ‘adventurous’ way to get in that does not incur an access fee.

  17. Fran McGowan on Facebook

    And the access fee is a contentious issue for the locals as well as it’s a paper road or some such.Read more on

  18. Alexander Breig on Facebook

    Nice little ride.

  19. Jeff Louwman on Facebook

    24 gates, know every one of them

  20. Dominic Bell on Facebook

    Nice ride indeed, unless it is 30 degrees like when I did it. Sweated so bad I wanted to ride in shorts.

  21. Jonathan Crocker on Facebook

    It’s a good ride. Might get time this weekend to go through it

  22. Stefan Innocente on Facebook

    It’s a nice wee run is that. Did it on the Dusty Butt.
    A few KM’s north of there is the Cluden Basin which crosses the same ranges. Both are great… all Otago is great!

  23. Sam Verhey on Facebook

    Dr Reprazent…yellow frame even….ooosh O.G waaat

  24. Taz Man on Facebook

    Whats the deal with the gate and sign saying it closes at 5:30 on the Nelson side? I’ve been over a few times at night but usually just to the gate closer to the lake and then back home to Picton so didn’t even notice itRead more on

  25. Stephen Clark on Facebook

    Wasn’t locked when we went thru it early May. I closed it for this photo. I don’t think you’d get a bigger bike under or around it.

  26. Roger Irwin on Facebook

    I’ve never seen that gate locked. Has anyone?

  27. Taz Man on Facebook

    They wouldn’t spend all that money on it to not ‘use’ it though. Maybe they’ll lock it for part of winter, who knows.

    I just hope the one at the bottom is open when I quietly fang through after 6 tonight XD

  28. Roger Irwin on Facebook

    Sure you can ride past the 5PM gate. I remember thinking that it would be easy enough last time I went past it.Read more on

  29. Stephen Clark on Facebook

    I am surprised that they didn’t have sort of mechanism for holding it open, i.e. it could be closed by some oik like myself.

  30. Taz Man on Facebook

    That would make sense.

    I hope so but chances of getting moist are pretty high! Hope the Roller Derby and beers are worth it haha

  31. Fran McGowan on Facebook

    It’s getting to be a fcukin long “temporary closure”…

  32. Martin Ewing on Facebook

    Holey crap, have they replaced that steel wire with that thing?

  33. Fran McGowan on Facebook

    Posted by Nelson City Council on 27 October 2009

    Following the weekend tragedy along the Maungatapu Track, Council is temporarily closing the through road (Nelson-Pelorous) to all traffic to assess damage caused to the Read more on

  34. Taz Man on Facebook

    Yeah bottom gate is easy as to get around. Bit moist.

  35. Martin Ewing on Facebook

    That looks like the top of the hill though?

  36. Roger Irwin on Facebook

    Yes, There are 2 gates. That one at the top that is unlocked and another by the turn off below the caretakers house. This is closed at 5pm.

  37. Taz Man on Facebook

    Top one was wedged wide open, fresh 4×4 tracks. Ended up coming back over just before 2. Other than being slippery on the wet rock she’s still an easy 3, and spooky as hell that time of night haha.Read more on

  38. Paul Crash Carter on Facebook

    hahaha awesome hard to get the concept of height but it must be puckering :/

  39. Profile photo of George DraytonGeorge Drayton

    I’ve downloaded the Map as you describe and select it so it is displaying my area of Christchurch. Having never used a GPS – what do I do now? I have downloaded the manual but it doesn’t seem to tell me a lot of what to do but describes things I know nothing asbout in a long selection of jargon words. regards George

  40. Profile photo of EddiebEddieb

    Hi George

    What software are you using, Mapsource or Basecamp?
    There should be a line on the map showing where you went.


  41. Phillip Berry

    Did you do this yesterday Edward?

  42. Edward Brodie
  43. Edward Brodie

    Michael J Breen and Sharn Amon might be interested in this one.

  44. Michael J Breen

    Definitely. Sue and I also want to mountain bike the Pureora

  45. Sharn Amon

    Yea looks interesting. Maybe we could take ropes for the DR’s? ???? Uncle Sharn will tow ya Jake

  46. Profile photo of Muzz67Muzz67

    Excellent product,, fitted perfectly,, took a pounding!

  47. Profile photo of SteveSSteveS

    I bought one and I 100% recommend it. Strong construction and it fitted perfectly. It gives good wrap around protection for the front sides of the engine.