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Adventure Riding NZ provides a huge amount of adventure riding information free to the community in New Zealand, but there are monthly costs to keep this website running and maintained.

While we make a small amount of money out of sales of the Mitas tyres and other items the reality is it's usually less than $30 per tyre once the product purchase price, GST, shipping costs, etc are taken out as our volumes are very low and there's not as much margin in motorcycle accessories as people might think. The sale of a T-Shirt or Hoodie gives us about $2.50, a Sticker about $1.

In 2016 site membership has grown hugely, up from 1065 on January 1st to almost 1700 as at 17 October, and at current rates it's likely to be over 2000 members early next year. Due to this we've had to move the website to a faster, and correspondingly more expensive web hosting environment, plus it required employing an an expert to help with the migration which cost $200, all of which came out of my personal pocket.
On a monthly basis there are also costs for Domain names and from time to time other support and maintenance.

This month we have also started the process to register Adventure Riding NZ as a Incorporated Society, that will cost almost $200 to submit the paperwork.

If you've got value from the Adventure Riding NZ website, please support us by donating any amount you wish to help keep Adventure Riding NZ running and growing. All money raised will go directly to the maintenance and support costs of the website and registering Adventure Riding NZ as a Incorporated Society.

Simply change the quantity below to how many dollars you'd like to donate, when you submit the order you will receive an email with the Adventure Riding NZ bank details.

Thanks very much.

Edward Brodie
Founder: Adventure Riding NZ


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