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Phew what a weekend! The Adventure Riding NZ stand was a huge success, interest totally exceeded my expectations. On Saturday we had 5 people on the stand and we were all engaged pretty much the entire day. We were so busy She_Wolf had to get more handouts printed on Sunday morning as we gave most of them out on Saturday.
I talked so much my jaw is still sore 2 days later and I mostly lost my voice on Sunday and Monday.

Huge thanks go to to @she_wolfnz and Duncan, @mark-claasen, @gremlin, @Scott Livingston and @Jennifer-Brodie for supplying bikes and manning the stand over the weekend.

I got out for brief moments here and there to check out the rest of the show and there was some cool stuff to see. Originally this show was a classic and custom bike show which has expanded to encompass all bikes this year. All of the big manufacturers were present as well as accessory companies like Motomail and riding training companies like Passmasters.

I’m told the show will be back next year and will be even bigger.

Unfortunately all my pics were taken with a cell phone so aren’t that great. If anyone took any pictures of our stand in action please post them up or email them to us, our email is at the bottom of the page.

The Trials club stand a good example of how to make a themed stand with only a few resources.

This just grabbed my attention, I’m guessing not a factory colour option.

An oddity

This confirms that the seat of my Ducati 250 is from a BSA Bantam

The new Africa Twin was on a couple of sites, inclusing Honda’s of course

Motorcycle Porn. The only Honda RCV213 in New Zealand. For those that don’t know this is Honda’s Moto GP bike with lights.