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Jake Maryniak
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Pretty good write up there :). Pretty much summed up why I am reluctant to go the the Cold Kiwi these days. Talking with Eddie and few others, the new site has lots to do with why lots of people stopped going to the Cold Kiwi. The mud, lack of shelter and hilly terrain is the main reason. Pitty considering that CK was one rally that I always enjoyed attending. Especially at the old site. Interesting point is that on one hand the organisers complained that they always ran at loss or close to break even, then they said that the new site will wean out all the unwanted element and that only true Cold Kiwiers will want to attend. Now with the numbers speaking for them selves with only 500 bikes in attendance, they might have to rethink their strategy. I think if they could manage to find better site the numbers would definitely come back to the old levels. This plus the ever changing winter / alpine weather will surely keep people away. Just my 2 cents on the matter