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  • Location: Wellington
  • Bike: BMW Supertanker, R100GS & Velorex 562 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
  • Rank: 1000cc Rider

Jake, I agree that the new site is not as good as what the club previously enjoyed, but make the following points:

1. Given the size of the entry pool, & the financial commitment they have made to improvements to the site, they are unlikely to change;

2. The 40th Anniversary CK suffered because the farmer had re grassed the site earlier in the year. Unfortunately wet weather, combined with this, resulted in a mud fest.

Fortunately the turf was more developed this year so it wasn’t as bad. The fact that nos were down ironically also helped, balanced by the fact that there was less overall space for the rally goers.

3. I remember the old six cross site, especially when it flooded out. That probably also generated grumbles, & certainly reduced dos for the following years.

People have other options & are looking for other experiences. It’s interesting that the Brass Monkey, which hasn’t changed sites, is also suffering from reduced numbers, & is considering it’s ongoing viability.

I note that the flow of the rally has changed. People arrive Friday – Friday night is party night. Saturday is more subdued, with an awareness that people will need to ride home Sunday. There were bugger all people arriving at the site Saturday.

I’ll probably go again. Every year (at about 8.30pm) I wonder why the hell I’m there. A few rums fixes that. I’ve done more than 26 of them since 1981, so…