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Jake Maryniak
  • Location: Tauranga
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  • Rank: 400cc Rider

I was happy when CH changed from 6 crosses to the one before this. I think that was the best site they had. I understand why they had to move out as it was well publicised, but I still think they could have chosen a better site. Don’t get me wrong, they didn’t exactly have a an array of sites to choose from. If it was a summer rally, I don’t think anyone would have cared, but for a winter rally, in an alpine environment with ever changing weather a lot of people will take that into consideration before deciding to go to CK. I have done 16 Cold Kiwi rallies and they were at both 6 Crosses and the previous sites, but after talking to few people who attended the 40th I got put off with the new site and how it was set up. As for how the rally dynamics have changed, that is bit weird as I know allot of people would turn up on Saturday. I for one was considering going this year on Saturday, as I couldn’t get Friday off, so would have missed out on the evening party entertainment.