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Russell John Bowden
  • Rank: 50cc Rider

I banged up a rough list of things, i don’t have access to the complete list since I’m on my phone, but here’s v1.0

Bare minimum:

Entry $115 (Paid) inter island ferry $220 ret. 1 set of cheap knobbies $250 Food 5 days x $60/day = $300 Accommodation. 3 nights Avg. 70/night $210 (No backpackers there, but can stay for free in WGTN with mates on first & last night) Fuel: Travel 3000KM/18 =222x$2.15=($358) AKL-Alexandra with no detour, straight up state highway the whole way. (20 hours~) DB1K 1000km/12? =83Lx$2.20=($183) $550?

$1600. without even a beer.

Stuff I should have but could neglect:

heavier shock oil & regas for normal handling $50 Tank bag (snacks, small tools, camera, spare water,loose things) $140 Tool tube. -$45 GPS – $150 Mirrors that fold away -$70 (procycle.us) camelback water bladder. $80 get better knobbies instead of shitters $100 Fuel to take some backroads there and back. – $120. (18/1000?=55L*2.15=119) Have a few beers with some cats $30-???,??? Take a couple of extra days Food $50/day x 2days $100 Accom. $60 2 nights in backpackers $120 Extra $1005.

$2600 for 5 days, only 2 of which ar