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  • Location: Cambridge
  • Bike: 2012 DR650
  • Rank: 250cc Rider

Sorry, I put everything back together and got so carried away riding the bike that I forgot to update here.

I’m thinking I will start a mod-thread for my bike where I will put down the outcome of the pipe and piston.

Now how far did I get?

The cylinder head- I took that in to Hamilton Cylinder Head & Engine Reconditioners in Frankton, they drilled it out ans inserted a helicoil, I think it came to $80-90.

Once that was done. that was the end of all the problems. Now time for the reassembly, I replaced the factory flange nuts and the exhaust header bolts. I spent a day polishing the exhaust pipe. And everything reinstalled without much hassle. I think I might start a specific thread for my dr mods as there’s a few things ive done to it, so i’ll spare some of the details.

just a quick note for anyone thinking of polishing stainless (or aluminium i guess) – dont use anything with mild steel, or that has been used with mild steel e.g. steel-wool, zinc-plated wire brushes, emery that has also been used on mild steel – any of this will impregnate the stainless with mild steel that will start to rust. I used walnut sandblaster to remove the paint and I worked my way up using new sandpaper from ~120 grit to 2000 grit then finished it off with autosol.

A few months later, the exhaust has gone blue-gold which looks pretty sick and no sign of corrosion, so it really stands out. all in all – a heap of effort, but it looks pretty.. when it’s not covered in mud..