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  • Location: Cambridge
  • Bike: 2012 DR650
  • Rank: 250cc Rider

yep so.. new high-compression piston (the one sold from this site). the pipe wasn’t any different as it was still the factory one just shiny.

TBH, it’s a little hard to tell with the piston. the bike was off the road for so long that i almost forgot what it was like pre-high compression. and with everything else being stock.. it’s hard to tell. What I do notice is:
1. I seem to find myself going faster everywhere,
2. I don’t find the end of the throttle as often and
3. The front does pick up more when I get on the gas.
So in summary, better but i would reccomend doing it with other mods e.g. carb and cam.

Also the bike: after putting everything back together, it started on the third crank. Now that’s a good feeling!