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  • Location: Cambridge
  • Bike: 2012 DR650
  • Rank: 250cc Rider

First-up: handlebars.


  • 25mm zeta bar raisers.
  • Renthal bars (Villopoto/ Stewart Bend)
  • Barkbusters Evo Guards
  • Renthal Grips
  • Zeta aluminium throttle tube

These mods all happend over the course of a few months, but i’ll lump them all in together.
The first part was the zeta bar raisers, very easy to install. all in all 10-minute job and for me being a tall dude, immediately much more comfortable. the aluminium is anodized silver and looks good.
I would recommend this one for tall guys like myself. Immediately it is easier to stand up, less soreness across shoulders.

Now the bars, grips and throttle tube were all done at once.
This does get a little trickier with all the cables to keep track of and getting everything aligned properly.
the only hassles I remember were the locating tabs in the switch assemblies needed to get filed down and the aluminium throttle tube had to get machined down a little for it to move nicely in the throttle clamp? although we went a bit too far and it has a bit more play than id like. But you don’t notice it when riding.
The throttle cables and front brake had to be re-routed now that the new bars were wider and higher than factory.
The review:
The handlebars are a massive improvement: wider, higher,flatter and less of an angle on them allowing my elbows to hang out a little more naturally.
Reccomended, new bars look sick, renthal and pro-taper have a range of fits for you to try out.

Barkbusters Evo handguards
Easy to install, they look good and the aluminium bar is very solid. It has been dropped and hit rocks, trees, doorways and side mirrors and sustained very little damage.
The only problem with them is that they do interfere with the stock clutch and brake levers. as long as the levers are at a different angle to the guards, you are ok.
do it, they absorb crash/drop damage much better than stock gurads and look good.

* despite the bars being wider, because the bar-end weights have been replaced by the hand guards, the bike isn’t actually any wider overall.
* The factory handlebars made their way onto a GN125. It looks sick and massively improved that bike!
* Be aware that bar risers will slightly stretch your powerband, so you need to choose the right colour to suit.