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  • Location: Cambridge
  • Bike: 2012 DR650
  • Rank: 250cc Rider

The original Ventura rack from the previous owner worked well. Easy to remove, carried luggage well and generally pretty useful.
However I felt the rack carried the weight a little too far back and all that weight hanging off the joints just felt a little too sketchy for the amount of luggage I was carrying.

I removed that and went for the next-level up from Ventura. This luggage system weighs a whopping 8.5kg, so I would recommend the smaller Ventura rack for most people.
The benefits:

  • The only luggage rack where the panniers have a kind of shelf to secure on.
  • relatively easy to disassemble and remove most of the system, except for the rear rack, that now holds your indicators so that is a little more effort to remove.
  • It is very solid, nothing is going to shake or shift on you.

The not so good:

  • although it’s designed to work with a pillon, there really isn’t any space for someone to sit as it covers part of the seat.
  • Did I mention how heavy the whole thing weighed? 8.5kg!

The verdict:
The standard Ventura is fine of you need more than just the factory tie-down points. It is probably sufficient for most.
The extensive Ventura system if you’re planning on carrying more cargo. e.g. if you were planning on travelling for a few months *wink wink* But I haven’t really had a chance to report back on this yet.

I also purchased a pair of 40L Kiwi Camping brand luggage bags to strap on the panniers. They aren’t branded for motorbikes, but they appear to be built tough enough. I’ll report on these once i’ve put them through their paces.

Pictures of both to come.