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  • Location: Wellington
  • Bike: BMW Supertanker, R100GS & Velorex 562 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
  • Rank: 1000cc Rider

WHITE ROCK & TORA – 2nd Oct 16
The weather forecasters had been flip flopping on this one. A bloody big front coming across from Australia, after causing havoc over there.

On Saturday I’d been in Motomart (to get fuel line for Gus) & toyed with the idea of getting new wet weather gear. In the end I flagged it. After all, we’re heading into summer aren’t we? Of course after a decision like that, it was sheeting rain 1st thing Sunday morning.

There’d been good interest in the ride – but I wasn’t certain how many would brave the conditions. As it happens, the ride contingent were Stuart Swan KTM990A, Chrome22 (Stu) KLX250, Jeff Sichoe (Thomas) Vstrom 1000, Oaters (Stephen) R1200GS, Ian Cook TDM850, & me on my R80 sidecar.

Once we cleared the Rimutakas, the day started to improve. By Martinborough the wets were starting to get too warm. No herb & cheese scones, so had to make do with a poppy seed & lemon muffin. And a Latte, albeit that my first was stolen. By the Hau Nui wind farm it seemed evident the day was going to stay nice.

I‘d foolishly told Stuart Swan that he’d never stay with me once we hit gravel, so of course he felt obligated to do so. And surprisingly dragged Chrome22 (Stu) & Ian with him.

Lunch at White Rock (anyone know what the white rock is?), then down to Ngapotiki Station gates, followed by a play in the little stream fords.

Ian Cook

Stu (Chrome22)

Jeff Sichoe (Thomas)

Stuart Swan

At the Tuturumuri intersection we waved off Chrome22 (Stu) & Jeff Sichoe (Thomas), then we beatled off to Tora.

Ian Cook

Lost Oaters there, while Ian, Stuart & I took in a quick tour down to Te Awaiti Station. Never been down that road. Very scenic.

Quick squirt back to Martinborough, then across the Rimutaka’s. Had a wee dice with a girl in a Corolla who was determined to unpass herself from the sidecar. Fortunately I had the better line. Was a crack up.

Home just after 5.00pm, feeling like I’ve done a few rounds with Joseph Parker.

I may have to do a realignment on the sidecar. I can see the top front mount has moved. I’ve been too strenuous on the tight right handers I guess.