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  • Location: Cambridge
  • Bike: 2012 DR650
  • Rank: 250cc Rider

Still playing catch up on the rest of the mods, I think I’ll just list everything else the bike currently has:

B&B Offroad Bash Plate:
Pretty solid, i’ve landed on it a few times/ had sticks and stones flicked into it, so I think it’s paid itself off.

Engine case side armour:
Judging by the amount of scuffs/ scratches the plates have picked up, I think this was a good mod. The bike would be looking much more worn down without them.

2x 10W LED Spotlights:
Mounted down either side of the Headlight. They are super bright. Easily drown out the main beam, its a difference of night and day. The only problem is that lots of light spills off and annoys oncoming drivers.

Acerbis 20L Tank:
Mounted with additional RH petcock. Also used the procycle front indicator relocators. I haven’t put it through its paces yet but the larger tank looks good and I think is a little easier to grip seeing as my knees are so high up the bike. The only problem is the petcock sits lower than factory now so the fuel line has to loop above the petcock. I’ll have to see if this becomes an issue.

High-Compression piston:
I’ll add more info on this later. The butt-dyno says it has way more torque. i.e. the front lifts much easier, I have to hang off the bars way more than usual, it’s a very nice mod to a bike with ‘learner legal’ levels of power.

Sheepskin seat cover:
DIY Job, works very well, comfortable and easy to remove.

Magnetic drain plug:
I’m sure it helps, at only a few dollars I don’t think its a bad investment.

Exhaust polish and grind of the internal weld ring:
When I had the exhaust off I inspected the weld-ring that people talk about grinding down. Mine wasn’t very big, and I didn’t really have anything to grind it with. I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to do this mod.
But i did remove the paint on the exhaust and polish the stainless. It’s very pretty now.

I think that covers everything so far.

Future mods:
PVC Pipe tool-tube
Carb overhaul (it’s leaking when the bike sits)
Modified Cam (#223 grind probably)
Second set of wheels (road tyres)
Braided brake lines