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  • Location: Taradise
  • Bike: Dr350
  • Rank: 400cc Rider

I was going through this same issue a few weeks ago, I own a drz400e and test rode a 2014 dr650 with the intention of doing the switch like you are talking. I really didn’t enjoy the 650 for some reason and stuck with the drz, last week I did 1500km around the east cape on the 400 and loved every minute of it, so for me I’m sticking with the 400

<cite>@harrywatson said:</cite>
Hi everyone, I’ve got a drz400, and I love it to
bits, but after 26400 k’s only, I’ve decided the dr650
would be better.

Has anyone else been through this d r dilemma?

I’m not asking which bike – it will be the 650.

Just asking if anyone has some storys or experiences
with both bikes. ??