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<cite>@harrywatson said:</cite>
Just asking if anyone has some storys or experiences
with both bikes. ??

Hello Harry

Having little experience with the DRZ400 but plenty with enduro/trail class bikes I can say that the DR650 is more road orientated then that DRZ400 just down to the larger motor, she will pull harder on the road. The trade off is, she is a little more clumsy off road.

The DRZ400 has it’s advantage on trails and the bush but if you are a gravel rider, or goat track rider the DR650 is the pack horse for the job ๐Ÿ™‚

The DR650 is very forgiving on the open road, stable enough on gravel to have a bit of fun, and more nimble than most bigger adventure bikes off road.

The only bits that really let the DR650 down in my opinion is the suspension, however all that can be changed and suited to the rider. To improve on this, most get an after market rear shock $850, and install shims in the front forks and change the fork oil weight. Makes a huge difference to offroad handling. On road stock is fine.. infact.. insanely forgiving around tight corrugated twisty!

BST40 Carb, Bolted on with emissions in mind, so it’s very lean out of the box. You almost need to wind the pilot adjustment all the way out in NZ. Up a jet size on the main, and the pilot gives her a bit more fuel, removing the strangling snorkel and the bike really comes back to life again, (Bit more too it then that), but you can get better function out of the BST40 by making a few minor, very safe tweaks that do not effect reliability.. in fact improve it.

The stock OEM seat can be a bit hard on that really long ride.. But hey! It’s a fricken adventure right ?.. Did not bother me, I just stood on the pegs from time to time like riding on a platform ๐Ÿ™‚ (The stock pegs are wide and comfy enough)

The real bonus’s are the simple nature of the machine, everything is very basic and reliable technology, this is what attracted me to the DR650. Suzuki designed the bike to be a work horse, the engine is right up there with being one of the most reliably built motors around (With the exception of the NSU sender).

The frames are “Good”, not to MX quality no.. but a good balance of weight and structure, very standard tube frame design.

I have, for sale. My 2005 DR650 K5, 50,000~km on the clock but with most of your typical stage 1 adventure modifications done to the bike without it loosing too much of the OEM look.

Feel free to flick me a message and we can exchange numbers if you want to know more about the DR in general or even if you are keen to have a looky at mine with no intent to pursue.. I don’t mind.

I’m in Hamilton, freely available over the next week if you wanted to come check it out. Do you work in town ? I see one just like yours parked at London Street down from my work ๐Ÿ™‚

Leyton Smith