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@harrywatson said:
Hi does anyone know if you can get from
Lake Ferry to Whangaimoana Beach road?

Whangaimoana beach road connects with Cape Palliser Road
and then back home or off to Ngawi.

Yes, drive down past the Lake Ferry pub and turn left once on the beach and you’ll find a track up against the cliffs which joins the end of Whangaimoana Beach road. It’s quite sandy and soft. Take a gps, mine wasn’t running when I did it so I didn’t get a track for the website.

@harrywatson said:
Also it looks as though you can go to Wainuiomata
from Ocean Beach Road on the other side of lake Oneke.

We have as far as you can publicly go on the website: That’s still a great ride as it offers varied terrain and track styles.

Beyond that there are 3 or 4 land owners you need to get permission and keys for locked gates from. I’ve done it from Wainuiomata Coast Road and it’s a great ride but not one to do alone. I’d recommend probably a minimum of 4 riders.
The local 4×4 club goes through there occasionally so they probably have all the contacts.