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  • Location: Palmerston North
  • Bike: BMW F800GS
  • Rank: 250cc Rider

I’m running TKC80 front and back but the rear is near shot (Pack Spur Road in the wet proved that.) Front is like brand new. I have had a reasonable run but am looking at possible swapping the rear for more on road slant. Most of riding is on road and gravel with the few dirt excursions so still don’t want to not go full 90/10 split but more of 50/50.
Options I have narrowed it down to;
Mitas E07
Heidenau K60
Motoz Tractionator Adventure (Used the endure version on RMZ250 and liked it so intrigued about these)
or sticking with TKC80 (always an option)
Any experience in these tyres ideally if you have run multiple and can offer your view would be great.