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Home Forums Bikes Suzuki Looking to buy a DR650 Reply To: Looking to buy a DR650


  • Location: Tararua
  • Bike: DR650
  • Rank: 80cc Rider

I’m a couple of inches shorter than you (and a bit heavier…all muscle…not). I have a DR650. You have the option of lowering these easily. I have mine at full height as I don’t want to lose suspension travel for the rough stuff. I don’t have any problems with throwing it around until I get in the real rough stuff where I have to dab a foot (tight single track/river crossings).

The DRZ400 is a little harder to lower. You can get a ‘dog bone’ thing for the suspension. I just wound the spring off on mine which wasn’t really ideal.

30k is getting up there for a DRZ400 but not too bad for a well looked after DR650. I probably wouldn’t look at one over 50k, but that’s just me.

A lot depends on what you want to do. If it involves over 50% road (gravel included), go the 650.