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  • Location: Auckland
  • Bike: 2010 BMW R1200GS Adventure
  • Rank: 1000cc Rider

The 550 is more limited in processing more complex routes, it’s a few years old now… the 660 didn’t like a route over 24hrs at one point, and crashed several times and became more settled as the hours dropped below 24. I haven’t tested the 590 for complex routes yet, as it won’t use Mapsource which kinda pisses me off, and I don’t like Basecamp.

I’m dual GPS’ing at the moment because my mobile also doesn’t like the 590. 590 handles music and basic navigation, 660 is all the note taking for map correction.

In terms of waypoints, a, GPS limits, b, don’t put in more than necessary. 1 point in the middle of a minor road should force the GPS to use that road, rather than putting 1 at the start and another at the finish.