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Michael J Breen
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I love the idea and would buy one tomorrow BUT for range. My typical ride is 500km a day and up to 800km.

Taking the 207kg ZERO DS ZF13.0 +POWER TANK as my staring point (You nknow I’m a weight weenie and don’t like the idea of dragging around over 200kg!): the claimed range is ‘up to’ 290km before it needs a charge. That’s OK, I’d usually take a break to fill up and have lunch by then anyway.
OK: so I’ve ridden almost 300km but I have at least 200km to go and up to 500km to go on a long ride.
Their advertising says that I get about 75km for an hours charge. This is where it starts to get harder.
If I can sit around for 2 hours before I head off again, I might, just might get a full charge onboard again for another 300km. However, that’s only if there’s a ‘Level 2’ charging station nearby where I have to stop (doesn’t sound much like back blocks NZ). Still, If I do manage to find that charge station; I’m gonna get close to Wellington but not quite there from Auckland. I;ll have to stop at Levin to fill up again so there’s another hour plus sitting around. So far then, on a trip to Wellington, at the very best and most optimistic range claims; I might just get to Wellington in a day if I stick to tar seal and ride conservatively. That’s a trip that will take about 90-120 minutes longer than it would normally take me: I might be able to live with that but with all the hills etc in the way: I’m doubtful about those range claims.
When I go by gravel, 4WD track and tarseal mixed however; my situation becomes dire. Not only am I a long way from any idea of ‘Level 2’ charging stations, my energy consumption has increased by 30-50%. In this situation; I just cant see it happening and I’m thinking “no thanks, I’ll wait for a hydrogen/electric bike that weighs a lot less and can go the distance.