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Mike Breen
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I’m not put off by the price but I can’t live with the range and they’re not even close to the range I need. My rides are enjoyment only; not commuter. These are 300-750km per day. At the bottom end, with a top up at lunch time; it might work. However, that means I still have to have a petrol bike for all those 500-800km rides or the energy sucking gravel/trail rides. The charging is quite fast if we had the infrastructure (we don’t) at almost 80km per hour of charging. However, out in the back of beyond, it seems unlikely we’d find a fast charge point any time soon. Lastly; you all know I’m a weight nazi. I don’t mind 200kg plus on the road but it’s a turn off for trail/gravel as far as I’m concerned. The ZERO DS ZF13.0 +POWER TANK is the one with that kind of range and it’s a reasonable tourer but the lighter ZERO FX ZF6.5 at 130kg has bugger all range at 132km max. Remember, on an adventure ride I’ll be carrying my own incredible bulk plus maybe 20kg of luggage so already that 132km range is probably down to 100km!. Even if it fully charged in an hour that’s just not enough!. I’d need 250km to get through the Molesworth or play on the gravel south of Port Waikato.