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The Clarence River Reserve might look a bit different after the earthquakes last night. Aside from the potential for rockslides due to the steep rocky terrain in that area the Clarence river dammed then burst the dam sending a 2 metre high flood of water downstream.

Wall of water’ as quake dam bursts on Clarence River

A “large wall of water” is surging down the Clarence River and nearby residents are being warned to move to higher ground as soon as possible.

A slip dammed the river about 10 kilometres upstream from the mouth, north of Kaikoura, after Monday morning’s 7.5-magnitude earthquake. The banked-up water burst through the wall of debris about 4.20pm. A helicopter in the area saw the breach and the water beginning to roll downstream.

There are eight to 10 houses in Clarence, at the river mouth, and several more upstream.

Authorities are searching for a group of kayakers thought to have moved to higher ground after their gear was found by the river bank.

A separate group of 16 rafters on the flooded river this afternoon have been contacted by police. They were upstream from the slip site, away from the danger area.

Environment Canterbury (ECan) had warned people to stay away from the Clarence River and nearby floodplain areas.

Ongoing earthquakes meant there were risks of landslides into North Canterbury rivers.

Anglers were urged to stay away from the river due to the risk of flooding.

The river is one of New Zealand’s largest.