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  • Location: Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV
  • Rank: 1200cc Rider

The new piston is running well, it hasn’t turned the bike into a wheelying rocketship with stock gearing but the bottom end and mid range has got a big boost and is really strong. I’ve had my daughter on the back and the bike didn’t notice it, even up hills.

For my own records as much as anything at 35,000km the bike got:
New High Compression piston and rings – just because
New head and base gaskets
New generator cover gasket
New spark plugs
New oil and filter
New front brake pads
New front brake light switch – the existing one had a loose connection
Starter motor greased to stop squealing
Exhaust header repainted – I was going to polish it but it turned out not to be stainless