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ACC are making more cuts to the motor vehicle ACC levies, but again motorcyclists miss out.

ACC proposes another motor vehicle levy cut

It is set to get cheaper again to register your car.

ACC is recommending that the average motor vehicle levy – built in to the cost of car registration to cover the cost of accidents on public roads – be cut 13 per cent from 2017.

That would take the average from $130.26 to $113.94. In 2014, the average levy was $330.

The amount paid varies depending on the risk rating of the vehicle.

“The changes being recommended to the Minister for ACC are a mix of reductions and increases to ensure levies are as fair as possible for all New Zealanders,” said ACC chair Paula Rebstock.

She said the level of public response through the consultation period had been good.

“Many respondents showed a preference for collecting a higher proportion of the petrol levy at the pump.

“When we set levies for vehicle owners, our priority is to make sure the money we collect will be enough to cover the costs of all injuries that happen on public roads.

“Collecting the motor vehicle levy through both petrol and the registration allows us to cover the risk based on distance travelled, while the registration portion allows us to recognise different vehicles have differing levels of risk of injury.”

ACC will also conduct a review of how it levies motor vehicles to consider where it could make improvements.

This will include looking at how it could more fairly levy electric vehicles and whether it could introduce a levy using road user charges for non-petrol vehicles.

It has also recommended that businesses be given a 10 per cent reduction in the average work levy, from 80c to 72c for every $100 earned.

But employees are set to pay 3 per cent, or 4c per $100, more.

From this year,. ACC will review and consult on its levies every two years.