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Home Forums Riding Where to ride Waitahu River Reply To: Waitahu River


  • Location: Christchurch
  • Bike: KLR650
  • Rank: 80cc Rider

Went there yesterday and was quite interesting.

A lot of water at the moment and the river claims more and more land back. It’s just one part after roughly 3km who make you really struggle. A side stream of the river washed the track away. So now there is a 4m deep and 5m wide interesting challenge. On the way in i had no problems but way back was funny to climb the steep up with my heavy KLR

Depends really on weather but i think for all around 450cc nice fun track with bigger and heavier bikes some pieces become nuts. Still was a nice workout

Regards the comment of box a bit – i went 8.7km on the track then i came to a big stream crossing but i seen no signs of a track going further but would be very nice camp spot