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  • Location: Taradise
  • Bike: Dr350
  • Rank: 400cc Rider

I have a sweet cheeks seat cover left from when I shipped about 10 over from the states. It’s the size for the dr650. You can have it for $40 including shipping. Works really well I have the size down on my Drz400. Contact me on 0211915590 if your keen.

<cite>@harrywatson said:</cite>
Yay! got my wish. A spanking new DR650!

Spanking because my butt
feels like it’s been spanked after
20 minutes. It’s as though all that
engine power is dedicated to giving
my rump a hard ride.

Now It’d be great to take my bike into the local
upholstery shop for a nice new saddle – but
in the meanwhile – now that I’ve cleaned out my
accounts for the bike, does anyone have
a solution like maybe – sheepskin – foam etc…
and a way of tying it to the seat so it doesn’t
fly off and blind the motorist behind me.

I used the word behind, I meant, ‘at the rear’.

So what have other members done that works for them?

I sense I could be the butt of your jokes, so please.
No butt jokes.