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Home Forums General Discussion Site Stuff RIP Daniel Aretz (xdodox) – 12th October 2015. Reply To: RIP Daniel Aretz (xdodox) – 12th October 2015.


  • Location: Taradise
  • Bike: Dr350
  • Rank: 400cc Rider

This made me think of a ride I went on yesterday, I was riding on Junction Road which goes between Tarata, Inglewood and the Forgotten World Highway. I was on the gravel section and was confronted by 6 new KTM’s, 1190’s I think. They were spread out and two of them almost ran me off the road into a ditch, completely on my side of the road. After that I was tip toeing around corners and actually flagged one of the bikes down to tell them about their riding. Then a ktm ute towing a trailer came flying along a straight in a whirlwind of dust so I’m assuming it was a planned group trip sponsored by ktm. If I had been a car it would have been a collision, no doubt about it. Really bad riding, and this topic shows what can happen.