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  • Location: Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV
  • Rank: 1200cc Rider

@harrywatson said:
But! What if we drilled the seat from
underneath with a 28mm spade bit in the
places it hurts, then plug with a lighter
foam? That way the seat height would remain
intact, the seat would look the same except
it will have more give. Also a hack and slash
Idea might be to turn the seat upside down
and drill small holes in it where it hurts.
Both ideas mean you’d need to keep the original
seat intact at the top. A careful measure and then
break your spade bit tip off, so it doesn’t stick
up through the fake leather. But..

I haven’t had the seat off yet, so if anyone has done this
type of adjustment, would be great to know.

mmm, it doesn’t sound good to me. A lot of the issue is the width, you need to keep it narrow at the front and flare it out under the butt. Thats what @addo007‘s sweet cheeks things do.
Go to Para Rubber and buy some foam, and get some vinyl and a stapler and do it yourself. You can take the existing seat off the base without damaging it so it’s kept good.

@ss2fly said:Going to get a Seat Concepts seat for it, they are supposed to be the dogs bollocks….

I got a seat concepts for my DR, didn’t like it and sold it.