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Home Forums General Discussion Site Stuff RIP Daniel Aretz (xdodox) – 12th October 2015. Reply To: RIP Daniel Aretz (xdodox) – 12th October 2015.


  • Location: Auckland
  • Bike: 2010 BMW R1200GS Adventure
  • Rank: 1000cc Rider

I’m guessing the KTMs were related to the coast to coast:

I’ve had a few moments with vehicles in the back blocks, and now I know to expect they don’t expect me. From a tractor taking up almost the entire road (and the farmers eyes looked like a possums in headlights – but to be fair the road wasn’t two vehicles wide anyway) to a truck and trailer unit rounding a blind gravel corner at such a clip he couldn’t stop in the entire distance between us (should be half) and I had to get off the road.

Unless you can see through the corner, treat them like a local is coming the other way not expecting you…