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relaxed rider
  • Location: Opotiki, New Zealand
  • Bike: Honda XR650L
  • Rank: 80cc Rider

Hi everyone !

I like to introduce myself here to the forum, I´ve just joined….

As well as being new to the forum I´m fairly new to NZ as well.
I´m hoping to find some riding buddies and cool tracks here.

I´ve been here now for just over one year and am based between Opotiki and Ohope in the Bay of Plenty.
My two bikes are a XR650L (fat pony racing) and a ´09 Beta RR 525 , both of them were shipped by me from Germany as I got the XR very cheap with less than 10K miles just prior leaving home and the Beta as I thing that I could probably not get the same amount of bike here for the money it would have sold for in Germany.
I´ve ridden offroad / Enduro bikes since being 15 or so and started with an good old XT 500 as my first registered one in 1986 – since then I had: XT 550, TT 350, TT 600 59X, XT 600 2KF, DR 350 and a sweet SRX 600. Despite worked for years as a motorcycle mechanic I always sticked to the singles and I still think that 150kg is heavy for an offroad bike.
In the early years I travelled all over Europe with those bikes.
I´ve done some competitions over the first years….but always in the hobby class without to much interest to be the fastest of the day – to ride a clean line and keep the bones intact was always my preference.
Buying the Beta in 2009 brought me back into business and I started to do two hour enduro races quite regularly…still with the very same attitude not to crack the bones. With some friends we went with our bikes to Romania and Italy every year to encounter absolute great terrain and fun which was not that easy to find in Germany.
Suprisingly for me was that these tracks are not that easy to find here in NZ either.
Quite a shortage of single lane tracks through the bush….
All the public back roads seemed to be shingled to a very high standart and it is quite difficult to encounter any tricky stuff…if only the forestry would not be that serious with their gates…
Last week I was happy enough to drive through the 42 Traverse track in the Tongariro Forest with my 4×4 – I would like to do this again with the XR – but not without some buddies in company.
surely there have to be some tracks the like closer to the Bay of Plenty
Since being here in NZ I´ve done some trail rides with the Beta but would like to discover the hinterland with the XR as well. Otipi / Porters …

See you sometime, all the best for now, happy riding !