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Well this is a bit late to revive an old post, but have recently had some dealings with Christini motorcycles and Edward Brody suggested putting a comment up here.

So a brief history I have an asiawing LX450E copy of a crf450x, it’s so exact that everything Honda will fit, and I recently decided to try and convert the bike to fuel injection using the ecotrons EFI kit. It’s a fairly easy installation of the parts and wiring, the biggest challenges was getting the programming right. Ecotrons are fairly helpful,but they just couldn’t match the settings for my bike, and I don’t know enough about efi to program it myself. So after endless back and forth I eventually contacted asiawing motorcycles who has recently added efi to their production motorcycles, and they indicated that they sell engines to Christini motorcycles who uses the protec efi protocol, same as ecotrons EFI. So I took a chance to email Christini, knowing that it is very unlikely for a US company to help anyone who is not a client. To my surprise the tech support for the company is Stieve Christini, the owner and designer. Explained my situation and he indicated that they too do efi conversion kit’s, and that it’s a much easier kit and smaller. None the less, he has sent me various maps for my motorcycle and they all work! Just doing fine tuning to get the mixture correct, since I fitted a 44mm throttle body, and standard was a 30mm. The moral of the story, the service from Christini is great and what a nice guy to deal with. This seems to be a company that operates to get guys on bikes rather than just for profit.