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So on Boxing Day Jennifer kicked me out of the house and said don’t come back till you’ve had your fill of riding, and who am I to argue with my lovely wife?

Day 1‘s destination was Glinks Gully on the coast West of Dargaville.

The first half of the day was fairly uninteresting, just getting through the mess that is Auckland, after the Dargaville turnoff however things got much more interesting.

Why aren’t Aucklanders up here every weekend! there’s some stunning roads around Dargaville.

Camping off the bike.

Day 2 I was going to start with a ride down Poutu Point to NZ’s oldest wooden lighthouse, but the tides were wrong.

The ‘Home of Lost Soles’ at Glinks Gully

I found an awesome track just a few km from Glinks Gully. A new track for it will get loaded after I’m back from the holidays.

After gassing up in Dargaville it was North, ultimately heading for 90 Mile Beach.

There’s were miles and miles of more great roads, some dead straight some fast and flowing curves. Some of the best gravel riding I’ve done in NZ I reckon.