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  • Location: Whakatane, Bay of Plenty
  • Bike: CT110, Husky TE 250, DRZ250, CB500X
  • Rank: 1200cc Rider

I had a great ride with Eddie, we met up on Pikowai Rd and set off into the hills, did a little exploring and checked out the scenery. Dropping in to the final fun section of Pikowai we started making our way down to Manawahe rd, the recent rains had changed the track considerably but we managed until Eddie decided to try balancing his bike on the front wheel (see pics). After resetting his bike to level we continued on until we met a serious washout. We worked up a sweat moving sand n concrete to build up the easiest end and then walked out bikes across. After a breather we continued on to the end and then into Porters Rd. This track is very rutted due to water erosion and you need to select a good line to maintain progress and changes with every heavy rainfall. Eddie had decided to step up to the challenge and had filled his 34lt tank and run with a worn rear tyre. This made his DR a little portly when needing to be helped through some sections but with plenty of breathers and good old momentum we got through the trickier bits. At the end of Porters we turned right onto Wairoa Rd and rode the sandy section to Pukehangi Rd. Checking the maps showed us where we needed to go so headed up Pukehangi Rd until we hit the seal on Pongakawa Valler rd. From here we went to Peangaroa, via the back roads, where we had a drink n feed before going our separate ways.
Eddie was better at taking pics n video so hopefully he will post some up when he gets home.
Being a local ride for me I am happy to take anyone around this loop or variation of it so PM if you fancy it.