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Went out on the XT Saturday instead of Friday as planed left New Plymouth at 03:45 am to Raglan got there about 08:00ish. We had a couple of problems on way had a wire short out from wear blow the main fuse had no power to bike at all lot to be said about tools, elec tape and cable ties taped up the a finding wire and joined the wires of the fuse to gather till I got to Te Kuiti and put new fuse in and grabbed spars just in case the bike is 26 years old had no other problems for rest of day.
After we stopped in Raglan for coffee we cought up with some other blokes from Tauranga
And we left there to had back to NP down the Whaanga Rd, Whaanga Rd, Temata Rd, Te Papatapu Rd, on to the Kawhia Rd on to the to the Taharoa Rd out to the Iron sands then back out to Marokopa Rd to Marokopa for coffee from there to Awakino garage for fuel.
Back Manganui Rd to Taumatamaire Rd on to stat highway 3 to Totoro Rd To Aria then to Ohura picked up bloke from Hamilton from there to Whangamomona highway 43 Stop for refreshments. Leave their to Junction Rd, Tarata Rd Inglewood back to mine place for late barbecue and some drinks as the others had to ride home on Sunday great ride longe day there was 6 of us on the ride my self and 1 other did about 750Km