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  • Location: Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV
  • Rank: 1200cc Rider

It’s a pretty sizable hole and from the rubbish lying around it was obvious the track has been rebuilt before, there were a number of concrete retainer posts and lumps in the debris.

Using what was lying around we managed to fashion a bridge of sorts and got the bikes across, though it’s not likely to be there past the next rainfall.

After Pikowai Road it was straight onto Porters Road.

This was my first time on Porters Road and I should have done it ages ago, if you like something lumpy and bumpy get down to this and give it a go! I highly recommend it.

I had a few more issues here as well, a lot of Porters Road has a sandy base, and with my E-07 worn down to the center line I struggled for traction in quite a few places. Also I have my DR on the low suspension setting because of my much higher seat and along with the weight of a full 30 litre Safari tank resulted in a few ground clearance issues, at least that’s my excuse anyway.

Beached as bro

A quick stop

Huge thanks to @brainflex for pulling me out quite a few times and showing me around.