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  • Location: Wellington
  • Bike: 2014 BMW F800GS
  • Rank: 80cc Rider

Hans asked:

Does Otahome rd from Whareama go all the way to Castlepoint?

The legal road will get you out to Otahome per WAMS (it’s a scenic ride):
You’ll need permission to get from Otahome to Castlepoint through Castlepoint Station. My understanding is that Anders Crofoot owns it; National Vice President of Federated Farmers:

Though you don’t mention anything north of Herbertville. In case it is of interest I had some fun in November running from Blackhead to Aramoana along the beach. It was only a couple of hours past high tide. A track at the northern segment enabled passage where the beach was too narrow or rocky.

From the map it looks like it might be possible to traverse further along the coast beyond Aramoana to Pourerere.