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Home Forums General Discussion News Call to ditch motorcyclists' ACC levy as little spent on safety Reply To: Call to ditch motorcyclists' ACC levy as little spent on safety


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Hear, hear Old Beer. While this story is slagging off ACC, for my money the ACC appears to be speaking the most sense here – actually preferring to gather data. There are almost certainly more motorcyclists on the road than 10 years ago, so you’d expect more deaths – but without numbers we don’t know if they are dying at the same rate, greater or lesser… and it’s almost certainly lesser. Greater density of traffic means fewer accidents anyway, and increasing numbers of bikes must be making some impression – if you’ll pardon the expression – on even the most oblivious car drivers. Then, before you can pronounce on the worth of training, you’d also need to compare deaths among those who haven’t attended training with the death rate for those who have. Without it, or any international evidence, the view of the Dog and Lemon bloke is just tart yelping. I didn’t have an opinion about him before, being barely conscious of his existence, but at least he’s cleared that up for me. He’s a knob. And more cheese wire is the solution for bikers? Really?