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  • Location: Wellington
  • Bike: 2014 BMW F800GS
  • Rank: 80cc Rider

Hello Hans

Are the purple lines tracks you have ridden on a motorbike?

Per the WAMS legend the purple line delineate the legal roads, both formed and unformed, throughout NZ i.e. routes that should enable unfettered right of passage (by any means … horse, motorbike, etc). Use the topographic base map to see if there is a formation. If the legal road isn’t formed then it is courteous to seek permission from the adjacent landowner. The Walking Access Commission’s website has guidance about this.

Mataikona over Pack Spur road to Tinui Valley road

Nice route. Involves a deviation onto private land (including airstrip) but I’ve never learned who the amicable landowner is.

Annedale road and Waitawhiti road to Tiraumea

Over a kilometer of this is private farm track (a deviation from the path of the unformed legal road). Courteous to call Allan Wellbrock 06 372 6635 to test situation re stock etc. It could be greasy if damp; clay surfaces in parts.

another station between Tautane road and Ireland road

I’m not familiar with the situation here/attitude of the landowners. You can see on WAMS that the legal roads are unformed and not contiguous. The topo map indicates there are gates at the ends of the formed roads. If you can get through it certainly looks like a great way to sneak up on Porangahau. 🙂