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Hadrian Haine
  • Location: Waerenga
  • Bike: 08 Husaberg FE 450 and a classic 86 Honda XLR250R
  • Rank: 400cc Rider

Looks great, guys. firstly I would like to thank all involved with the hard Work and effort gone into organizing this event, Thank you so much.
Now I have to be honest with myself there is very little to no chance that I will be healed enough to attend this event, sadly.
But my first consideration was while I see that the fuel stations are marked on the maps is there anyway of knowing ruffly the mileage between each. I am under no illusion that I wouldn’t need to bring axillary fuel if I was able to attend, but calculating how much would be a necessity.
Once again I thank the guys who have and are working on making this great event.
Cheers Hadrian