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Hadrian Haine
  • Location: Waerenga
  • Bike: 08 Husaberg FE 450 and a classic 86 Honda XLR250R
  • Rank: 400cc Rider

<cite>@enduro0627 said:</cite>
Good question.
The fuel stations we put on the map are at the end of each stage.
The ride starts from a Z petrol station.
Near the end of stage1 and start of stage2 is a GAS petrol station. The distance you need to cover for stage1 is ~182 km.
The other stages were planned on the same way. The distances are indicated next to the GPX track download links.
We assumed, covering 200-250 km should not be a problem with one full tank of petrol.
If your fuel range is below this, you either need to carry some extra juice or look for petrol stations along the way before hitting the road.

GAS petrol station finder:
Caltex petrol stations:
Z petrol stations:,172.551724,-34.851701,174.935757/all/opennow/any/
BP petrol stations:


Thanks for the reply and further information… I am sure if I am Valenti make I may not be the only enduros basses bike needing to either carry more go juice or find more frequent Fuel stops. The links you have provided and the other help files km this site plus Google Maps should make estimating refueling stops easy.
I would also like to correct a typo in my initial question “wouldn’t need to carry” should we would, thanks auto correct.
Thanks Hadrian.