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  • Location: Auckland
  • Bike: DL650, DRZ250, DRZ400S,
  • Rank: 1000cc Rider

Hi Jonny
There’s a list of members bikes on here somewhere. Iirc more than half are Suzuki dr650s. You will likely be able to pick one up second hand when you get here for less than the cost of a wr250. Have a look at trade if you haven’t already. Many of the older bikes will be all set up for your tour. Easy to get fixed if you have a problem. A bit lighter than a tiger. Wr250 or drz400 also good choices as you can get racks bashplates etc for them . Drz250 also would be OK on back roads bit will struggle a bit with you and gear on hills and in the wind.

Good luck feel free to ask questions here.