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  • Location: Auckland, North Shore
  • Bike: 2014KLR650EE
  • Rank: 400cc Rider

As the old Hungarian proverb goes…. “Every gypsy praising his own horse”.
Go for the KLR650. Affordable (even a new one), awesome petrol range (420-470km),does everything, takes you everywhere, easy on maintenance, easy to strap your luggage on the rack what it is coming with. Good weather protection by the decent windscreen and fairing.
Downside? Nothing. OK just joking. You need crash bars on it and decent handguards. Change the light bulbs to Narva Plus 50 Longer Life for running light and the high beam with a Narva Plus 100. Somewhat heavier than a DR but still can be lifted on your own (experience.)
You can give me a nudge (Private message through the site) when you are here and need some help in AKL.