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So to illustrate what I am doing….

With Micawberisms help, I have come up with a reasonably direct route between Piopio and Raetihi that will bring our fictional north south rider through from the Waikato to the Manawatu, down the west side of the mountains.

Copy of the route attached. Includes a decent amount of gravel down to Taumaranui but then basically follows SH4 to Raetihi. The reason for going there is so that one could go down the road to Kai iwi along the river. But that’s to be decided by @stephen-clark and his mates down that way. Just a suggestion at this point.
The SH4 bit is a bit boring and I see there are a few side road options for diversions but not sure they are all worth it.

As the direct route misses out most of the better gravel roads in Taranaki and the FWH, I am also working on a loop that takes all that in, starting and finishing in Taumaranui. That means that the direct route doesnt have to take in FWH, and leave me Stratford wondering what to do next. I’ll post that up later when I have it sorted.

I’m just putting this up here to show how I’m approaching things. All open to criticism and revision at this stage.