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  • Location: Tauranga
  • Bike: KTM 540exc - modified
  • Rank: 250cc Rider

I’m doing this again for the umpteenth time late this November. Been riding in here with Alkylda for the last 25 years

The 42 Traverse ride is but one of a multitude of tracks in there, some are very knarly even when dry.

There is always somewhere to explore and like Alkylda stated, we haven’t found them all yet.

In fact, years ago we found a cave system we explored after parking up the bikes and a dam (there a a couple and we can find one) but we cannot find these places again….

Easy to get lost so you gotta be careful if you go off the main track.
I have ridden a lot of places in my 42 years and this is by far the best place to ride, bar none!

Going to do this both ways on day 1 followed by Fishers track on day 2