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Thanks Glitch, that looks a lot more interesting. I was thinking about going through the Hunuas but didn’t think of going straight across SH2. Will be adopting some or all of this.

Man, you get around….are you here yet?

<cite>@glitch_oz said:</cite>
Too true.
Here’s something a bit more scenic/ exciting and off the beaten path.

Starts off at the Maraetai Boat Club (great meals, great views, top spot and very $reasonable)
More inland/ off coast, quite a few gravel-stretches, scenic, views south of Clevedon.
Quick check at Cosseys Dam, about 3km of SH2 before another tack south.
Matahuru Rd. is nice, as is the Mangawara loop.No traffic along the western banks of the Waihou river, Wairere Falls are worth the walk.
There was also some crusher or boilers or some old industrial thing just off the Old Te Aroha Rd. (signed!). Worth having a look, the carpark is elevated and overlooks the river flats.

Plenty more options when adding the Coromandel in some way or another….but that’ll make a damn long day out of it.