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<cite>@oldbeer said:</cite>
Thanks Glitch, that looks a lot more interesting. I was thinking about going through the Hunuas but didn’t think of going straight across SH2. Will be adopting some or all of this.

Man, you get around….are you here yet?

There used to be a road through the Hanuas (north-south) from the Ness Vly in the north, then Moumoukai Hill Rd./ Waterline Rd. past the Upper-Mangatawhiri Reservoir Park Offices/ Camp Grounds etc and out to Paparimu.
Supposed to be all locked off for walkers + Mtn-bikes now. Don’t know if that still holds, I was told so a few years back by some locals.
That was one beautiful ride!!

Yeah, been snooping out NZ for a few decades now…and it keeps getting better, each time. 🙂
Sadly not quite there yet…but…end of the month.
Checking tide tables for all around the Northland at the moment…